Gigging in West Cumberland from 1973 to 1974

Steve Hadfield Kev Farish Steve Evans Eric Hodgson
Guitar & Vocals Bass & Vocals Keyboard & Vocals Drums & Vocals
"If music be the food of love, play on"

It was short, but sweet . . .

Zebedee only gigged from 7th July 1973 to Easter (?) 1974, but played almost 50 gigs in the local pubs and clubs in West Cumberland (as it then was). They were a really good pop covers band playing many of the hits that were in the charts during that period. The guys left school (Workington Grammar) in the summer of 1972 and went off to various universities, with the band being formed at the start of the 1973 summer vacation period, picking up where the previous band "Ocean" (of which 3 of the guys were members) left off the previous year.

Special mention to Mike Forest who was the band's sound engineer and the wizard who queued-up the special tape FX which were part of the band's distinctive stage act.

In 2015, the band got together again, with the aim of doing a gig in Llangollen (where Steve now lives). This proved to be quite successful and Steve asked us back again in 2016 for another gig. There are now quite a few photos from both of those gigs on the "photos" page. Not sure if we'll have any more gigs, but it was great fun getting together again after more than 40 years!

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